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About Us

Martin Cowan Presents

The Story of Netcrisps

I started selling crisps & snacks around 1991 as a crisp agent for Perri Crisps/Largo Foods, now known as Tayto!

Back in the good old days, I was a leading distributor of the classic and adored Banshee Bones, Ghosties, Bag o’ Chips, Ma Reillys, Vikings, and Crunchos among others to supermarkets, cafés, restaurants & pubs!
Since the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 - I took my business online under the name Netcrisps where we are giving consumers a platform to bulk buy all of their favourite crisps and snacks.
We stock hundreds of lines, and our range will continue to grow as we grow as a business.

If you have any special requests - please shoot me an email or message the page on Facebook - and we’ll see what we can do!!